Winners of the online Electrician of the Year Awards 2011

Congratulations to the winners of the online electrician of the year awards 2011. The Gold, Silver and bronze prize packages go to:

Gold Award: William Dyer Electrical
Silver Award: Elecchicks
Bronze Award: Fulcher Edwards

The winners were chosen based on their creativity, quality and frequency of updates of their on line activity, the number of platforms they use to carry out their on line social media activities and how effective their on line message is – overall - how do they instil their customer with confidence in their business?

The winners have been chosen on the basis that their on line social media activity reflects where everyone needs to be their material is quality, relevant and customer focussed and shared across many platforms, for example, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and representing this same message within their own website. Their on-line activity also works well alongside the more traditional medias that are used within their business.

The sponsors were in agreeance throughout with the overall winner receiving the overall most popular vote for the first prize.